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Happy New Year to all! We enter this year with a continued onslaught of Brexit hyperbole that tests the patients of us all. Take it from me, relax, deep breath and be confident that we as British citizens have always found the way forward in spite of the “rum bunch” that run our affairs on our behalf.

I anticipate a busy year this year as I will finally get some sculpture under my belt following an odd 12 months that saw me either tied up with private commissions or snowed under by a house move. Both of these things contributed to an erosion of available work and for that, I apologise. No matter, have patience, I will fix this as soon as I can and hopefully should be in visual rude health again in the mid fat of the year.

Work in progress on one of the recent commission pieces destined for the Hamptons in New York. A stainless steel “Zip” which splits the ground open revealing a rolling eddy of water, sweet!

A big, big thank you for your continued support with special mention for my representing galleries and collectors, without you guys none of this would be possible and I am forever grateful, Mark.

Jan 2019